Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Taste of Maldives at SeaHouse Restaurant, Male'

If you happen to visit Male' city in Maldives or when you stay over night waiting for your transfer to one of the resort there, you should try dining at SeaHouse restaurant. Famous among locals for having the best view in the city, the restaurant is a great place to enjoy your food, beatiful sea-view and warm breeze of Maldives at the same time.

The restaurant is located in the 2nd floor, right above Hulhumale' Airport Express Terminal, ensuring you to have the best sea-scenery. It has 2 lounges, each has indoor and outdoor seats. Most crowds will come at evening time during tea-time and dinner time. But SeaHouse has hidden treasure pleasuring early-risers, the Breakfast Buffet. Open from 7am to 10.45am, it serves both traditional and international food. Ala-carte menu and sweet delicacies for desert are available at all time as the restaurant open for 24 hours.

I love breakfast buffet in a restaurant, it feels like you are in hotel without even staying in one. The kids love it! And when you live in Male long enough you will notice that most of restaurants are similar, they take forever to serve you :) So breakfast buffet is a hassle-free treat before starting your morning routine.

We have been planning to come here so may times but since Mikail starts his school early we couldn't go together. So yesterday, when Mikail's class switched to afternoon we straight away heading here, enjoying a nice family breakfast. 


I go for Maldivian breakfast, Mashuni. Its a mixture of tuna and coconut with a little touch of and lime served with chappati or coconut thin bread. We chose to sit outside to enjoy the morning sea breeze. The restaurant is overlooking Hulhumale' airport so you can see the busy boats taking people to and from airports. And if you're lucky, you also can see planes taking off or landing from your seat.

Enjoying family breakfast

In Maldives, the sun is very fierce at day time. So morning and afternoon is the best way to enjoy the sea without getting sunburned.

SeaHouse Restaurant
Above Hulhumale' Airport Express Terminal
For reservation call: +9603332957
Breakfast buffet price: Rf. 77/person (excl. 6% GST)

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