Monday, March 26, 2012

Mikail's 'Masterchef' Birthday Party

This year is a great year for Mikail. He experienced lots of great new things in his life. Moving to Male', meeting new friends, love new schools. So we want to throw him a great birthday party for him to celebrate with his loved ones and close friends.

We chose small cafe near to our house, so we can walk there and carry party supplies easily. Inspired by one of mom's party themed Masterchef,  we picked the same theme for Mikail's party. Instead of cooking or baking something, we prepare a Cookie Decorating activity for the games.

As usual, I asked my brother Indra to design all the party supplies matched with the party theme. Cookies are home-made by Amina, a mother and baker in Male'. Cake is ordered from City Bakery, Male'. Balloons decoration are learned online, and party preparation are done together by all family member with love.

Happy birthday Mekaeel, my shining star. May Allah blesses you with pure heart, wisdom and health. May your heart filled with love, empathy, and compassion towards others. May you live life to the fullest, contributing to make the world a happier place to live in.

We love you with all our heart :)



Dessert table

Hanging decoration
Cookie boxes to bring home 


  1. Mekaeel, happy birthday.. may only bright and fantastic future ahead you.. *kisses

    Nanaaa.. kereeeenn.. hebat ih.. *salut!

  2. Makasih Bunda Diyaaaa. Ini dibantuin adikku Indra loooh. Aku cuma seksi repotnya aja, designnya semua dari dia hehehe. Kiss kiss Aydira yang seksiii :*


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