Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Dicapac - The best USD 40 I ever spent!

It has been quite some times that I am considering to buy an underwater camera. Been living in Maldives, underwater camera will be a perfect gadget to use, since Mikail loves to spend time in the sea. But since I just bought my Canon Ixus last year, I thought it will be a waste of money to buy another camera.

I love my Canon Ixus, it has many functions that can be used in any occassions. And I cant get enough of trying everything. Then i spotted one function: Underwater! There must be a waterproof casing I can find somewhere for this function to work, I thought to myself. Then my search begins. 

From internet i found a lot of sellers selling Canon underwater casing. The price is around USD 50, but can be used until 3m depth underwater. Not good for diving, only good for snorkeling.
Then I found Dicapac in one of the camera stores, back in Jakarta. Priced at USD 40, can be used up to 10m underwater, i thought i have nothing to lose. I bought it straight away.

Dicapac is a light plastic casing that can be used for any standard size digital camera. You just have to put the camera inside, seal it, and you are ready to take photo underwater. That easy.
Pic from here

Turns out that Dicapac has many more. It also has waterproof casing for iPhone and even iPad, DSLR camera, and many types of digital cameras. I'm loving this product even more.

I tried it last month during my trip to Bathala resort. Took it deep water diving for 40 minutes and the result is quite good. Although you have to be careful to place your camera in spot, where the lens fitted perfectly so it wont leave a circle spot on your pictures. And remember to fill some air before you seal it if you dive more than 5m, to avoid too much compression underwater.

Fit the lens nicely so it wont leave circle spot on your picture
I also used it last week during a swimming session with the kids, and they all love it. Mikail was so amazed that i can take my camera inside the water, he wants me to take his photo holding breath inside the pool.

This waterproof casing is a hit between the kids. They all taking turns to take picture underwater. I can now carry my camera to the swimming pool and the sea and capture the best swimming moment. And my next project is to take picture of playing in the rain. Its the best 40 dollars i ever spent! :)

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