Tuesday, July 24, 2012

DAY 1, Monday 16 July 2012 - Introduction to ABCs

Its the first day of the class, so we start the class easy and relax. Introduction to ABC and how they sound. Emphasizing phonic sound of each letter. We don't expect everybody will know how to sound their ABCs, but we expect them to know the difference between ABC in Bahasa.

Teaching method:
- ABC is best to be taught by singing the song. So we ask each kids to memorize the ABC songs, which will be refreshed everyday in the beginning of the class
- Coloring is one way to attract kids' attention. We will help kids memorize few vocabulary by coloring them
- Finally each kid will be given pictured word, and asked to memorize it at home as a homework

1. ABC song by SuperSimpleSong. Link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5XEN4vtH4Ic
We chose this song because it is fun and simple. Kids love it!
2. Phonic Song by A.J. Jenkins. Link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BELlZKpi1Zs
Introducing the sound of each letter with easy phonic song
3. Coloring paper letter A for Apples, Alligator, Astronaut; B for Bear, Ball, Book; C for Car, Chicken, Cookies
We try to help kids memorizing letters and words started with it, by encouraging children to color the letter and the objects.
4. Early English book. Vocabulary for homework: Letter A-F

After class Evaluation:
Most of the kids can sing ABCs. The bigger kids knows the sound of each letters. The smaller kids need some improvement on memorizing letters and how it sounds. Some kids who doesn't know how to read need even bigger improvement in knowing and memorizing all letters. 

All vocals are easy for all the kids. Almost everybody knows the vocabulary taught. Just need a bit improvement on the pronunciation.

Perkenalan bahasa Inggris yang dimulai dari penganalan cara membaca ABC dengan bahasa Inggris terbilang cukup sukses. Karena anak yang cukup besar, yang terbiasa mengucapkan ABC dengan bahasa Indonesia agak sulit untuk menghapal cara membaca ABC.

Cara yang lebih efektif lagi adalah dengan melakukan kuis kecil di setiap kelas, mengajak anak untuk mengeja kata dalam bahasa Inggris hingga mereka terbiasa.

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