Friday, July 27, 2012

DAY 3, Wednesday 18 July 2012 - Introduction to numbers

We expect the kids to know the name of number 1-20, and pronounce it well. Using simple method and fun games, we think it's going to be easy  for the kids to master the number 1-20 and even more. We will play with some games to mix and match the number, to know which number comes after which.
We also will teach them about 'LESS and MORE' , to make them understand which one is more and which one is less.

Teaching method:
1. Song 'Counting 1-20' by Super SImple Song. The easiest and simplest song that Mikail and Naznin loved. We are going to repeat it several times and let the kids sing along.
2. To teach Less and More, we will show them 2 buckets filled with different toys. One bucket will be filled more than the other and ask them which one is less and which one is more.
3. We will play BINGO to emphasize more on the name of the number. Kids will be given a paper with 5x5 square, empty. They will then fill it with number 1-25 in any order they prefer. Then one kid will be given opportunity to take number from a bowl, and tell it to all kids. Everybody will cross number mentioned in the paper, and whoever gets to make a straight line from 5 crossed number, win the game.
5. Coloring paper, number. Writing the name of the number, counting, and which number comes first.
6. Recall yesterday vocabulary: G-L, each kid will spell the word in English.

After Class Evaluation:
All the kids know numbers in English. All of them thought 15 is pronounce as five teen, but now they know. They all understand about more-less and equal. But need more practice to understand about most and least.
They got bored of coloring already. Need more idea to do more games.

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