Friday, July 27, 2012

DAY 5, Monday 23 July 2012 - Theme: Body parts

Learning more vocabulary, with theme: body parts. By the end of the day, we want kids to know the name of main body parts that are commonly mention in daily life.

Teaching method:

Today we are going to learn about the name of our body parts. Since we don't have anything to show, we can learn by showing our own body parts and let kids know their names. 

We can start by singing 'Head Shoulder Knees and Toes' so the kid can start the class feeling excited and stimulated. Kids will be asked to stand up and sing the song together while pointing their body parts.

Then followed by games 'Simon says'. Teacher will be 'Simon' and ask the kids to point body parts mention, and sometimes can trick the kids, while saying 'Nose', teacher points other body parts. See if the kids get it.

After that we can play 'Twist'. 
How to play:
Make 8 to 10 circles shapes with colored paper. Stick it on the floor. 
Prepare 2 bowls, one bowl contains name of body parts, and other bowl contains name of color. Person who get it will have to follow the instruction, for example putting their hand in red circle. 
Can be played by 4-6 kids.

After Class Evaluation:
Kids love the song 'Head Shoulder Knees and Toes', and started to memorize the name of bodyparts when song is repeated.

The games 'Simon says' also caught a lot of kids' attention and they always laugh so hard when they got tricked, or when they friend got tricked and they didnt.

Playing twist had limitation, because they can play with hands and legs only so it is a bit boring and kids did not get full messages. 

Overall, the kids doing great remembering the name  of body parts, and they curious to know more!

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